Candy Nelson developed Morgellons symptoms as far back as the mid to late 1990’s, and has since progressed to a level that has become a daily struggle to fight back on every level. The discovery of Morgellons began an awakening of the assault on every living thing on the planet via Genetically Modified Organisms to include nanotechnology via consumption of everything necessary to sustain life on the non-suspecting public.

As if the assault of the physical symptoms were not enough she then learned of the mental stigma that is being placed on those that are so devastated already, in her research discovered people reporting the bizarre symptoms to the physicians in search of answers and relief are then being assaulted yet again with a mental condition termed “Delusional Parasitosis”. After over 20 years of being subjected to mental and verbal abuse by the medical community that took an oath “To Do No Further Harm”, she became outraged and realized evil only flourishes when it is allowed to be hidden in darkness.

Her mission began to expose this to as many as possible through videos, pictures, research, education, and enlightenment of all that will listen, learn, and open their eyes to this Rabbit Hole to the pits of hell. While we may not be able to choose the evil agenda of others, we absolutely do choose what we as individuals accept to tolerate. She opened her facebook to the public for all to see her videos, pictures, and notes, regarding Morgellons symptoms and the assault on our sky. She opens conversation with total strangers in grocery stores, restaurants, at the beach, farmers markets, and constantly seeks educational opportunities everywhere she goes and everyone she meets including the medical community. She believes everyone no matter the personal finances, physical state, education, or abilities can make a difference to change this by having a greater love for the entire earth and humanity rather than self preservation no matter the sacrifices we as individuals must endure.