Learn How to Jam Directed Energy Attacks, and Fight Frequency With Frequency!!

September 18, 2018

Learn How to Jam Directed Energy Attacks and Fight Frequency With Frequency!!

As promised, I am beginning to compile a compendium of items and products that help Targeted Individuals. There are so many sufferers out there, and the numbers are growing every day.

A big heartfelt thank you to all the Targeted Individuals putting the truth out there in a mutually cooperative manner so we can all learn, share and educate others.

I have used every item on this list with positive results. Please message me if you have any questions on how to use certain items, in what circumstance, and how the items apply to different types of weaponry used.

There is no size fits all and you can use these items in combination with each other or alone depending on the severity of the Directed Energy Attacks.

For example, you may be targeted with neighborhood gang stalking, or nervous system manipulation through electronic devices, remote neural monitoring, or the good ole Directed Energy Weapons using ELF/VLF/HLF frequencies including CERN and EISCAT. Each frequency assault may require a different protocol and therefore each circumstance may dictate a different frequency mitigator. Different items are required, and sometimes modifications are needed for appropriate shielding and protection to get maximum benefit.

I’m sure there are a few I omitted, but will continue to add on as I see appropriate, based on my useage, findings and efficacy.

I will also be reporting on Robert  beautiful pink helmet as soon as I receive it it’s in the mail. Robert’s helmet follows the same magnetized protocol as Tony Pantalleresco.  Magnets will create a protective field around the person to help jam frequencies.  Please couple a helmet like this with other suggestions I mention. I will  attach a a pic of Roberts’s helmet here. Gotta make health and protection fun folks, it’s a deadly serious issue but realizing we have solutions can really alleviate concerns, stresses and improve health from decreased electro magnetic attacks.

Thank you Robert!

Here is what I have compiled so far:

1. Love of yourself and your fellow man;
2. The Bible;
2. Prayer;
3. Stone, Rock, Sand;
4. Wood;
5. Trees;
6. Magnets – Tony P’s Torroidal Magnetic Vortexes are wonderful and create a magnetic field of about a 12 foot circumference that offers good protection;
7. Fans also help scatter frequency as does open car windows and wind;
8. Using Corded devices;
9. Using and not using lighting in appropriate circumstances
10. Do not stay stationary, move around slowly if your able and keep easily and gently busy to keep your blood flowing;
11. Water, either bathing in it or sitting by a body of water;
12. Grounding on earth;
13. Having your dog on your body and conversely on your heart when the attacks come;
14.High protein/High Fat diet helps retain neurological and immune function;
15. Potato takes out barium and saturated fats will help pull the nano out that feeds on these electro magentic frequencies
16. Coconut Oil;
17. Lemons;
18. Salt;
19. Vinegar;
20. Wine;
21. Whiskey/Brandy – Please look at Tony’s P ‘Biofilm Buster’;
22. Essential oils;
23. Wedding rings given only from someone you love and that loves you;
24. 432 hertz music to jam frequencies, fighting frequency with frequency, light against dark. Depending on your tolerance you can use three to four different songs or recordings at a time. Tolerance needs to be built up for this practice. So many different high vibrations at once will scatter and jam frequencies; also I encourage listening to someone who vibrates very high this can be up close and personal through a video or book;
25. Electro magnetic shielding clothing; Tencel works for me I have a cap made out of it and often double it up with cotton skull caps
26. Cast Iron;
27. Silverware, including coins as well;
28. Glass;
29. Cotton;
30. Paper;
31. Metal;
32. Wool Rugs;
33. Silk;
34. Magnets;
35. Leather;
36. Suede;
37. Wicker;
38. Beads;
39. Morroco’s, drumming;
40. Gold/earrings;
41. Gemstone bracelets;
42. Kleenex;
43. Paper Towel;
44 Salt Lamps

My daily strength comes from my belief and my relationship in God. We cannot fight this battle alone it is far too large.

Be brave and most of all fearless, together we can stop these Crimes Against Humanity!

No time like the present.

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Learn How to Jam Directed Energy Attacks, and Fight Frequency With Frequency!!