Marcia Pavlis is a former HSBC investment advisor. She had a 28 year career in the financial industry. Marcia came down with Morgellons symptoms in January of the year 2000 after walking to and from work at HSBC in sparkly slimy rain in Victoria BC. That was also the first year that she noticed and began to film Chemtrails. After discovering a massive breach of trust and fraud against Canadian Investors in 2001, Marcia blew the whistle on HSBC and was constructively dismissed.

According the final decision in the case, HSBC stole over $49,000 of her disability leave income while she was away sick, but the judges covered up HSBC’s crimes instead. HSBC stole not only her income, but her house, her revenue property and every single asset she had. Over the past twelve years the sum of Marcia’s income has not exceeded what she earned in one year, the year 2001, as she was black-listed by all banks. Marcia fought a 5 year battle in the “just for us” BC Canadian courts regarding her constructive dismissal against eleven corrupt-to-the-core Masonic judges. HSBC’s crimes were proven beyond any reasonable doubt in court and Marcia should have been awarded over $35 million dollars, but got nothing. Despite all of her hardships, Marcia has been an advocate for Morgellons patients for almost a decade. Intelligent, courageous, and honest to the core.

About the breach of trust and fraud by HSBC:

The class action lawsuit commenced against HSBC for the massive breach of trust and fraud against Canadian Investors:

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