Marcia believes that she came down with Morgellons symptoms in January of the year 2000 after walking to and from work in sparkly slimy rain in Victoria BC. That was also the first year that she noticed and began to film Chemtrails. She joined a support group called the Fiber Disease on a group named Biologyonline. From there she connected with the scientist, Daniel Bell VanEeden, who reported his discovery of the Silent Superbug, a man-made microorganism believed to be the cause of Morgellons disease, to the CDC, ECDC, and Interpol in France in 2004.

Marcia began to make Youtube videos to expose the Coverup of what she believes to be the cause of Morgellons and published them on a channel named Morgellons Coverup. From there, she connected with numerous other patients and began a Facebook support group. Marcia has been an advocate for Morgellons patients for over a decade. Intelligent, courageous, and honest to the core.


Terorrism in Canada – Prime Minister Stephen Harper Does Not Care!

Moving Morgellons Fibers, Silent Superbug, Fiber Disease

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