Val Hall is an American activist, who was awakened to chemtrails/geoengineering ten years ago by a young employee who only worked with her crew for a few hours, planting a seed.

Val is a professional landscaper gardener who focuses on detail, and who has always been an avid skywatcher. Approximately four years ago, she got fed up, as plane after plane, ruined the blue sky, day after day. She could see no other way than to become an activist to end geoengineering.

Val is an administrator to over 15+ groups on Facebook, including Bye Bye Blue Sky, as well as blogger/administrator on this website. An integral part of the geoengineering movement, Val has made education and awareness a singular focus. She attends climate meetings, climate marches and attends monthly outreach events where she connects and educates the masses.

Spirited and determined, Val educates other in the hope of the raising humanity’s consciousness. Motivated by reclaiming our birthright; our beautiful deep blue skies and golden sun.