30 Ways to Increase Your Vibrations

July 22, 2015

By Suzanne Maher


1. Connect with nature
2. Practice simple meditation
3. Tell the truth
4. Find and live your purpose
5. Always be open-minded
6. Treat yourself with respect
7. Practice forgiveness
8. Challenge your belief system
9. Express gratitude
10. Act on your desires
11. Be aware and accepting of your emotions
12. Think positive, act positive, be positive
13. Face your deepest fears
14. Be a positive example for others
15. Bless everything that happens
16. Set goals and accomplish them
17. Make others laugh
18. Listen more than you speak
19. Always act with compassion
20. Understand that everything changes
21. Clear emotional blocks
22. Expand your creativity
23. Be empathetic
24. Allow yourself to be inspired
25. Ask questions about your life
26. Develop your chakras
27. Appreciate your surroundings
28. Celebrate your accomplishments
29. Always have positive intentions
30. Gain wisdom from others


30 Ways to Increase Your Vibrations