What Really Happens to Hollywood Celebrities With that Elusive ‘IT’ Factor??

September 20, 2018

What Really Happens to Hollywood Celebrities With that Elusive ‘IT’ Factor??

I loved 9 1/2 weeks, a brilliant cult movie from the 1980’s. This movie has stayed with me for much of my life, embedded in my psyche when I watched it at 22. A cornerstone for male/female relationships, boundaries, and hyper sexuality that was beautifully and harmonically portrayed never before, in such a cutting edge fashion on film, a first of it’s kind. Mickey has stayed with me too, and I oftened wondered what happened to Mickey, the actor that seemingly had ‘The Tiger by the Tail’, like so many actors do initially. It always seems to start out that way for those with the ‘IT’ factor. A big successful bang, then a slow, or sometimes not slow, disintegration, often dying or becoming strangely eccentric with well published oddities, a morphing appearance so no one will hire them. They fade quietly into the night with the rare appearance in a B movie; looking, old, scorched and worn, like the life was sucked out of them……Maybe it was.

In 9 1/2 weeks, this movie, the chemistry and sexual tension between the two actors, the synchronistic music that was built layering tension upon tension and the story unfolds, the colorful cinematography, the slow climactic buildup, and the thunderclap ending, culminate into one of the best movie’s of our time. 9 1/2 weeks is historiography for me, and simply explosive in my humble estimation, one of the best films ever, that explores the monogamous relationship between two people and the melding of bodies, minds and souls. Mickey, like many charismatic actors, has never been given much credit for his work; 9 1/2 weeks, Body Heat, Heaven’s Gate, Rumble Fish, Diner, and Buffalo 66 are such great films.

This movie burns in so many people’s minds, not just mine, the juxtaposition of sex/boundaries/love. The handsome, charming, mysterious debonair suited ‘Corporate Man’ that swept the beautiful Kim Basinger off her feet into what seemed like a Virtual MK Ultra Stupor, dazedly doing anything and all ‘John’ wished.

What really happens to these Hollywood actors, what happened to Mickey Rourke? Why do they seem to cave in, change shape and form?? There is something very fucked up with Hollywood. Hollywood doesn’t like to linger artists with the ‘IT’ quality. Why is this so?

The actors that now permeate Hollywood culture and appear to get most of the roles, are the ones who seemingly ‘pay to play’, and more disturbingly, is their apparent abdication of any morals and ethics. This lurid black cultural damasque smacks of a new dawn of lurid culture, one that promotes the Satanist Aleister Crowley Requiem; “Do what Thou Wilt’– how about not, and begin ‘Doing for Others’…

These Film Noire actors seem mind wiped; vacuous, especially in public, no personal opinions, no thoughts about topics that are socially relevant to those outside their knitted circle.

What kind of shit is it, Meryl Streep denying knowledge of Harvey Weinstein’s serial sexual assaults, you as well Oprah.  Exhibitionists like Madonna toting machine guns in concert and grills on her teeth promoting peace, while masturbating on a velvet couch, Christian Katy Perry predictably turning into a Babylonian Whore like all the other pop tarts. The morphing, tune forking, manipulation, mind wiping, and whoring out of these human beings that have turned into robotic automatons, twerking, posturing, laughing, performing on command and taking their incessant and narcissistic selfies for their ‘fans’. They are mind slaves to their big cheques and big egos, big surgeries, big audiences and Twitter followers. Their handlers plucking their strings, like dancing monkeys on a tin rooftop for a nickel, begging for attention.

Why aren’t movies today made about real topics, real experiences and real people doing real things, in a political and socio economic climate that is at a disastrous precipice.  Why do these actors get the big paycheque? Probably because they propagate the dark New World Order Satanic Agenda.

Twerking, competing for your best friends lip gloss, and men and woman degradingly going on television cat fighting over some dumb, muscled twit sharing a hot tub with a different woman every night are the empty calories the masses gobble up. The Bachelor needs to be relegated with all the ‘Real but not Real’ Television Programming. All revolting, all amoral.

Almost all actors that are now acting in Hollywood are doing so in the Film Noir genre, and thereby participating and advocating for the Satanic ‘Ungodly’ New World Agenda. There is no longer any ‘Sweetness and Light’ in films.

There are still some actors and entertainers that can potentially spark a room, albeit the numbers are dwindling and, yes, Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger had that ‘IT’ quality, and sold lots of theater tickets. What exactly are the producers and directors selling now and why?

It isn’t love stories, and real, important information being shared in television and media. Mainstream is deafeningly mute on subjects like the corrupt cross pollinating agendas of Big Government; Weather Modification; 5G Technology, Agenda 21/2030, GMO’s; ways society can elevate consciousness; the opioid crisis; the vaccine crisis and the Bill Gates ‘Don’t Feed the Children, but Rather Poke Them With Needles’; the profit for prison industry; the false left right political paradigm; the censoring of truth; the overarching power of the Military Industrial Complex; the REAL 9/11; ways to solve environmental pollution and plastics in the Ocean; poverty and feeding third world nations; transparency on hired crisis actors for the new fear porn shooting and bombings; the psychotronically induced men shooting up schools, movies theaters, malls, churches and mosques and the reasons for many of these false flags. Where are the movies on our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms; the Glass Steagall Repeal from the Clinton Administration, the history of our banking system and the Federal Reserve; voting fraud; the mortgage collapse of 2008; the five laws created after 9/11 including the Patriot Act which stripped away more of our rights and freedoms; Obama’s NDAA; who exactly is DAARPA aiming their ‘Super Soldier and DARPA Dog AI technology’ at; the right to free health care, the damaging effects of pharmaceuticals, the oil and water ‘so called crisis’, healthy renewable energies. The list is endless with important and timely stories that lay in the Hollywood dustbin covered with Kardashian goo, but rest assured we can all go see mindless, sophmoric comedies with all the unfunny men and woman out there, doing their childish slapstick that people gorge on while munching their margarine laden GMO popcorn, eat it up… Instead of putting out ‘real film with real content’ these ‘producers and directors’ shamefully and excessively peddle drivel to a mind controlled audience.

The Hollywood light workers don’t seem to be allowed a level playing field. This type of banishing of the ‘good side of Hollywood’ also bleeds over into all forms of the entertainment industry, news programming (sorry I couldn’t avoid that word programming), Anderson Cooper I don’t want to see your balls drop one more time at New Years, go away…..music, talk show hosts, cooking shows and the demonic Gordon Ramsey, how exactly does one go about getting a ‘Cooking Show’ or a ‘Real Estate Show’? Why exactly are these people so special, hmm, your Creme Brulee is so much better then everyone else’s, personality plus right, it must be the way they use those kitchen utensils so deftly do you think???

Why exactly is Oprah Winfrey one of the wealthiest women on the planet, what exactly does she do for humanity besides pushing false doctrine, spiritualism, pandering to the celebs and the New World Order Agenda, and creating a school with rampant scandal of abuses. More MK Ultra Mind Control abuse? It’s all enough for one big fucking barf bag, when you get right down to it.

What we get now, is the same old tired, cosmetically altered actors and entertainers; Angela Jolie and her blood vials, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron who dresses her son in clothes of the opposite sex, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Connelly (lot’s of Jennifer’s) Cher, Rhianna, Mila Kunis, Julia Roberts, Winona Ryder, Lady GaGa, Madonna, Meryl Street, Jada Pinkett, Kate Winslett, Christina Hendricks, Elizabeth Moss, Laura Dern, Courtney Cox, Reese Witherspoon all the ‘Real Housewives’. On the male side, there is Dwayne The Rock, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Sheen, James Franco, John Travolta, Jake Gyllenhaal, Seth Rogan, Brad Pitt and unfunny comedians like Will Ferrell, Steve Carrell, and Ben Stiller.

Why do these actors get the big paycheque? Probably because they propagate the dark New World Order Satanic Agenda. All Film Noir actors actively participate in ugly repugnant film we are getting desensitized to in movies now; dark, sexually violent, homo erotica, incestuous, murder, drugs, and GREED. Look closely, what do any of these Million Dollar Babies exude, something positive? Admittedly, some are not without talent, and a general degree of attractiveness, although mostly bland and nondescript, but assuredly, someone is giving someone a good ole’ hand job, or agreeing to some prescribed ritual indoctrination to ‘Enter the Club’ as George Carlin called it.

I miss real humor and comics that made us think with their quick wit and intellectual musings. The above noted comics cannot hold a candle to George Carlin, Jim Carey, Robin Williams, , Bernie Mac, Dave Chapelle, (who refused to wear a dress in a film, and his career all but ended) all who are dead, or ostracized for being ‘crazy or different.’

I could name so many more that have been relegated to the dustbins of celluloid. I ask you to look again; do any of today’s cult of celebrity exude that ‘IT’ quality, a person that literally lights a up a room, a Marilyn Monroe or Farrah Fawcett, with smile that will break your heart if you linger long enough. There seems to be ‘no peeking allowed’ and no crack big enough that will allow the light to shine and get in.

Does this shelfing of the charismatic have anything to do with the ‘Refusal’ to be silent in Hollywood about matters that moral and ethical individuals refuse to stand by? David Chapelle for example, refusing to wear a dress, Mel Gibson calling out Zionist controlled Hollywood, Jim Carrey openly discussing the milky and vague “Illuminati”, Jim Carrey who doesn’t get work anymore. Kim Kardashian and her shameful family are milky, but somehow the public feeds on their tit of poisoned milk. STOP the cycle of programmed conditioning and ignorance. Kendall and Kylie Jenner with  over 2o0 million followers combined are a mere shadow of their former selves at age 21 and 23 with their body dysmorphic tweaking. FAKE is celebrated now in our ‘Me Too Culture.’

Back to Mickey. He has/had that ‘IT’ quality’, like Kim. Hollywood seems to want to break down those with beautiful, spiritual, lightness and a sexual radiance that the oppressors can never touch, much less hope to inspire in themselves, like these actors in this 9 1/2 weeks.

Both Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger, put themselves in the line of fire with their staunch animal activism. Do we see a pattern here with these beautiful, magnetic, light workers?

Intelligent actors who bravely promote real public humanitarian efforts and clean living, not some Marina Abramovich ‘Spirit Cooking’ fund raiser, appear to be persecuted. Hollywood doesn’t like those people. Here comes the ‘gang mentality folks’ and harass and make uncomfortable those doing God’s work.

These individuals exude a big star ‘Sexy’ quality that evil cant replicate or get at, and they are smart, although we are told the exact opposite. ‘Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged.” These individuals are very politically savvy. Awake, aware and educated people informing those on important socio political and environmental issues, animal rights, etc., oops Hollywood doesn’t like those people. Let’s distract the audiences with Jennifer Aniston as a ‘No Rhythm Stripper’; if that ain’t a yawn, I don’t know what is.

As such, when looking at the patterns and those who have been pushed out and ostracized and no longer get work in Hollywood, it seems clear that if you don’t subscribe to the NWO, if you act independently and if you do good works for the world and your community, your cup runneth dry in Hollywood and you have to reinvent yourself and start over.

A medal of honor is in order for all the actors and entertainers that are standing up for truth and are ostracized, punished for their bravery and effectively bullied by the Hollywood influencers who take it upon themselves to deign who gets to put food on their table; suffered for the cause of truth and imagination. Talent it seems becomes relegated to the requisite ‘starving artist’ status and talent is flushed down the toiled along with their imagination, and their creativity and dreams of those who can make a real contribution to our planet. What a categorically, shameful, fucking waste of human genius.

Are talent and imagination allowed in Hollywood, because those that have the ‘IT’ factor seem to be just too much, too hot to handle, too bright and have too much too offer. So many come to Hollywood on a wing and a prayer and unfortunately leave the same way; James Dean, Montgomery Clift, Jim Morrison, Tupac Shakur, Michael Hutchence, River Phoenix, Paul Walker, all these talented men exuded charm, charisma and the elusive ‘IT’ factor and the list goes on…

9 1/2 weeks is an unforgettable movie and unforgettable actors, so fucking brave in their acting. I wish we could all be this brave in emoting.

Sublime in it’s potential and brilliance….Thank you Mickey and Kim for putting real acting and that ‘IT’ quality on celluloid.

Please don’t ever stop being true, no matter the cost.

Suzanne Mossman


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What Really Happens to Hollywood Celebrities With that Elusive ‘IT’ Factor??