A Senior Canadian Climatologist Warns of “Whiplash Weather”

By Suzanne Maher

August 25, 2015


Disaster capitalism at it’s finest…..

A senior climatologist with Environment Canada says municipal Phillips said rising global temperatures don’t mean summer in January, but rather what he refers to as “weather whiplash” — extreme shifts in weather from one season to the next.

In the last five years, Canadian cities have been buried in record-breaking snowfall, scorched by unprecedented wildfires, blasted by tornadoes, hurricanes and lightning strikes, limping from one natural disaster to the next as the bills for emergency repairs climb.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada said insurance claim payouts from severe weather events were not notable prior to 2011.

They now average around $1 billion a year. In 2013, they hit a record high of $3.6 billion.

Amanda Dean, the bureau’s Atlantic vice-president, said home insurance claims in Newfoundland and Labrador alone have skyrocketed 493 per cent over the last 20 years.

The cause? “The weather,” she said. “It’s absolutely the weather.”

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A Senior Canadian Climatologist Warns of “Whiplash Weather”