A Young Girls Speech to Her 5th Grade Class…..I Have A Dream

February 8, 2016

By Suzanne Maher


A Speech Posted On Social Media From An Activist Which Was Written By her 11 Year Old Daughter 

My little girl makes her momma and daddy very proud. I know she is all over the place but she is only 11 yrs old. She has the basic understanding of everything her dad and I talk about. She also has hope for her generation. Show her some love. As she knows I’m posting this for all to see today. This was for a test score my daughter and her class were asked to write a speech, their own; I Have A Dream speech.

This is what my 11 yr old wrote;

I have a dream that will change the world. I have a question, what is a man? I’ll tell you.

A man is a person who has power, a person who kills nature. A man is a person who puts chemicals in the sky, but why, to replace real clouds. I tell the younger children about them, “don’t think they’re clouds, they’re not clouds. They’re chem clouds which aren’t clouds, they’re fake. Have you ever seen planes in the sky that have trails behind? These are chemicals. If you aren’t listening, I know you’re going to ask me, “what are chem clouds?”

Moving on, I have a dream to change the way people are. I have a dream to change chem clouds to real clouds. I have a dream for people to stop hurting nature. One other thing, when you see rainbows in the sky with it being dry as a volcano that’s not suppose to happen. It’s oil in the sky. Those chemicals have oil which make rainbows in the sky. People are hurting nature by doing just what I said.

I gave this speech for a reason. To make it so people stop for this generation to not do the same.

I believe that this generation should rise up and tell all younger generations, younger generations tell all younger younger generations for what I believe people will keep passing it down for generations to come. Please tell everyone what you heard in my speech.

Thank you if you do


A Young Girls Speech to Her 5th Grade Class…..I Have A Dream