Anti Geoengineering Meeting In Uxbridge, Ontario!!!

March 25, 2016

By Suzanne Maher


Although the weather was gruesome yesterday, a good number of folks were able to make it out to the Uxbridge Anti Geoengineering Meeting.

Thank you to Heinz Nitschke who is such a doll and who hosted the presentation.

Also thanks to Jen who made it out all the way from Oakville. Our numbers are growing.

Bernadette Gervais Greene did a great job breaking down the history of cloud seeding with silver iodide in Canada.

I spoke about the North American bio/chemical warfare, space fence,Elana Freeland’s book and Seven Agenda’s, Agenda 21 and carbon taxation.

Thanks to all who made donations they all went to Jerome Devenish’s billboard which is coming closer to reaching his goal of $700.

Link to Jerome’s campaign, please continue to contribute to his board.



Anti Geoengineering Meeting In Uxbridge, Ontario!!!