BBC HARDTalk speaks with Geoengineer David Keith

September 7, 2015

By Suzanne Maher

“Whose Hand is on the Thermostat” says David Keith when he speaks to BBC with Stephen Sackur in this 2011 interview.

David Keith speaks only in the theoretical about deployment of geoengineering programs, saying that that “we will start out with a very tiny amount of aerosols, an amount less than a big volcano. We have to make a decision to do this, I’m not ready to that now. There is no guarantee for safety here.”

Keith speaks of his firm Carbon Engineering the stated technology of capturing carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. We know billionaires like Bill Gates are heavily funding Keith’s research; According to statements of financial interests, Keith receives an undisclosed sum from Bill Gates each year, who is the president and majority owner of the company.

BBC HARDTalk speaks with Geoengineer David Keith