Bye Bye Blue Sky and Tony Pantalleresco at 2018 Toronto`s Green Living Show!!!

April 09, 2018

By Suzanne Maher

Bye Bye Blue Sky and Tony Pantalleresco at Toronto`s 2018 Green Living Show!!!

The experience we had at Toronto’s Green Living Show was nothing short of stupendous. There are going to be some wonderful things happening to further our cause because of this. The excitement our booth generated and the impetus for people to get activated was so evident.

I have to say, the people that worked at the Bye Bye Blue Sky booth at the Green Living Show over the weekend restored my faith in team. This was a beautiful example of people working together and getting it done.

When someone came to the booth and quizzically asked what the subject was, I would inform them of weather modification, the history, the components, how frequencies play a role, the destruction of our food supply and more. After their initial shock at seeing food stuffs and their own skin magnified under a 500x microscope, I could direct them to Tony for health solutions. How toxic were they; Guia Vita Melendres practitioner could offer hair analysis. How could they get involved, Barbara Craig could inform them of the upcoming Global March. Author Andrew Calbery could also legitimize the subject with his book the Fight Against Geoengineering, How could they eat safer food stuffs, Lorraine George had her own fabulous booth steps away with a geodesic biodome from Kingdome Inc. Lorraine and I would send attendees back and forth to find out more information on both subjects. I can`t articulate how powerful and symbiotic this was, and how one message would tie into another.

Thank you to Brendan Maher, Tony Pantalleresco, Greg Emerson, Andrew Calbery, Guia Vita Melendres, Barbara Craig, Lorraine George and Chad Casarin for the amazing support to make this event a success. Not to mention the dozens of awake, switched on activists who went out of their way to come see Tony and I.

You know the event is a success, when you are dancing on concrete because you can`t get a bathroom break, you are still at the show two hours after it ends because people are still at the booth wanting more information, when your voice is hoarse from the countless people you are speaking to.

The long hours were certainly worth the result!





Bye Bye Blue Sky and Tony Pantalleresco at 2018 Toronto`s Green Living Show!!!