Bye Bye Blue Sky At the Huntsville Place Mall!

BYE BYE BLUE SKY At the Huntsville Place Mall September 9th/10th!

What a blast Lorraine George and I had today at the Information and Registration Event at the Huntsville Mall.

These events are really terrific for creating awareness.  Bye Bye Blue Sky co-sponsored the event and so we garnered some good publicity from the radio and newspaper ads. We spoke to a diverse and interested group of people, some who were very aware of the spraying and others not

We spoke to a Naturopath in town who is very aware of the spraying and who will do hair analysis on people to test their metal levels. He took some of our info to share. If people would like his information for testing please contact me.

We also talked to a wonderful fellow named Milt who is a member of the Kshoug Lake Association and was very interested in the topic and took home lots of info for fellow members. He had only good things to say and praise for our efforts.

A young woman had seen us at the mall at a prior event and came and took more information, as well as a man who couldn’t speak very good english, but picked up a “Joey rack card” and said ‘this is for the grandbaby’ and walked back to his family.

Thanks again to Lorraine for being just superb. Lorraine also made a generous donation to Chad Casarin’s Mohawk billboard campaign.

Thank you also to Lindsay Edwards the Marketing and Promoting Manager of the Mall another superb individual. 🙂






Bye Bye Blue Sky At the Huntsville Place Mall!