Bye Bye Blue Sky Billboard Up In Chatham/Kent, Ontario!!!

July 6, 2016

By Suzanne Maher


Bye Bye Blue Sky is really making waves in Ontario with their messages.  First came Gravenhurst, then Brechin, Cambridge, Toronto, Windsor, Go Transit in 4 Ontario cities; Milton, Newmarket, Toronto, Bramalea and now Chatham/Kent.

Thank you to Kristine Lewis Charles of Stellar Outdoor Advertising. This is the third billboard we have done together. Stellar has been a great support of our cause.

This board is on Highway 2 facing westbound traffic, 10,000 vehicles will drive by this message a day. A great spot! Close to Windsor, farms lands and businesses. Stellar has already received an inquiry about the board, fast response! We are loving these messages and the groundswell it is giving the movement.

The more billboards we get put up telling people about the criminal aerosol spraying means more grass roots protests, more demonstrations, activation and demands from our officials who are prevaricating to protect their pay cheques.  Any person who is in public office stands to look ridiculous by the continued “just water vapour” placates.

We all need to stand together, be brave, courageous and bring this horrible truth to the light of day.  We can all do our part, we can stop these crimes. Evolution is revolution, it’s time.

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Bye Bye Blue Sky Billboard Up In Chatham/Kent, Ontario!!!