Bye Bye Blue Sky Commercial Aired On ISBN Radio Network!!!

By Suzanne Maher

June 8, 2016


I can’t thank AJ Smith enough who broadcasts his weekly Renegade’s Round Table Show. He is so supportive of Bye Bye Blue Sky and what we are doing and he created a commercial for us to help us spread awareness. This commercial will air on approximately 4 different stations 🙂

Please listen to AJ Smith’s weekly show, he has great informative guests and is such a warming, ingratiating host, can’t wait to go back on his show.

I encourage everyone to continue to help fund our billboard campaigns which I talk about in the commercial. I’ve taken down the Highway 11 board in Lake Muskoka and it will be replaced with a billboard in Chatham/Kent going up in July/16. The Toronto billboard on the Danforth will be up till the beginning of September/16, so everyone from “The Taste of the Danforth” will see the billboard, numbers reach as high as 1.6 million people.

I’m also in talks with Go Transit to do a 4 week campaign which will hit 4/5 cities in Ontario. Our goal is to get a board in as many Ontario cities as possible. Please consider donating even $1 to Bye Bye Blue Sky, there is a link on our site to donate.

Link to Renegade Smith’s Radio Show

Thanks AJ for helping getting our message out there!

Bye Bye Blue Sky Commercial Aired On ISBN Radio Network!!!