Bye Bye Blue Sky has reached 100,000 + Visitors!

June 15, 2016,

By Suzanne Maher


In a little less than one year Bye Bye Blue Sky has reached over 100,000 views, that’s about 8,500 views a month. A big thank you to Teklordz for helping to design and maintain the site.

Thank you to all who support, subscribe to our blog posts, like and share what we do.  It’s all about awareness, education and activation.  You help us to continue to spread our message to an even wider audience.

I designed this site for all levels of awareness,  and I hope people take something away when they visit the site, even just to know that yes, this evil agenda is occurring and your not alone in your beliefs, to bring some kind of sanity to an insane situation.

We encourage all who visit to participate in sharing the message, printing off brochures, donating to billboards and purchasing bumper stickers and awesome t-shirts by Jerome Devenish. There are many health tips on how to detox, a non-negotiable in our poisoned environment.  We are solutions based. Even just visiting, to listen to the wonderful music from the talented artists who put their guts and their heart into melody, or to read some poetry.

Bye Bye Blue Sky’s Mission is clear; to expose and eradicate the most devastating ecological threat known as chemtrails/geoengineering. We do it all here, and we encourage and welcome everyone to join our community.

Truth is the most powerful force there is and there is simply no stopping us.

Thanks everyone,

Suzanne Maher




Bye Bye Blue Sky has reached 100,000 + Visitors!