Bye Bye Blue Sky Knocks One Out of the Park at the Three Day Toronto Green Living Show!!!

April 11, 2017

By Suzanne Maher

Bye Bye Blue Sky Knocks One Out of the Park at the Three Day Toronto Green Living Show!!!

This is the first booth Bye Bye Blue Sky has had at the Green Living Show in Toronto at the Convention Centre, April 7-9.  The tough part was the move-in setup.  We were in the Health/Food area of the show.  We were situated in a good location and our eye catching billboard message “was the booth” and could be seen from a far away distance.

Thanks so much to my friends who support and show up to these events and are doing a huge service for humanity. Tony Pantalleresco, Bernadette Gervais Greene of G.A.G. Canada, Lorraine George, Greg Emerson and Jennifer Chen. I’m so grateful and thankful to these individuals who walk the walk.

What a dizzying three days of connecting and information sharing.  This event was simply an unmitigated success.  It exceeded our expectations in a big way. This was the first time ever that we were running out of information materials, hundreds of cards and brochures were given out. So many DVD’s were purchased, donations were given, an anti nano bucket was purchased and many of Tony P’s potions and lotions as well.

The overall response was excellent; eager and receptive. So very many are distressed about the spraying and asking how they can help.  Many were stopping by our booth for not just minutes, sometimes hours and some came back three and four times. There were a number of people that commented we were the best/most significant booth at the exhibit. People were literally lined up at our booth. I think this was because of the compelling information presented and the people presenting it. People were unhesitating in coming up to our booth, a big change from a few years ago, “hey I know about this spraying and I want it stopped”.  One lovely woman talked with us for a few hours and commented that “our booth was her favourite in the show”.  Some had also commented on the fact they had seen the Bye Bye Blue Sky billboards, subway campaigns. The message is spreading, our hard work is paying off.

People are also clamoring for health information on how to protect themselves from the chemtrail fallout which Tony P. generously provides. Tony was showing attendees what is on their skin and food with his microscope and had many health items for sale which were purchased.

Interestingly,  a fellow had mentioned there is a teacher at U of T who is teaching a course there and she speaks about geoengineering and is spreading the message.

Thanks to all friends and supporters who showed up, purchased items, donated to the cause. This was truly a groundbreaking event in the activism world of chemtrails/geoengineering.

We look forward to doing similar outreach events, and in fact, we were approached to do more events at the show.

Stay tuned for more events from Bye Bye Blue Sky, Bernadette Gervais Greene of G.A.G. Canada and Tony Pantalleresco.




Bye Bye Blue Sky Knocks One Out of the Park at the Three Day Toronto Green Living Show!!!