Bye Bye Blue Sky Meets With The Gravenhurst Mayor

October 9, 2015

By Suzanne Maher


The Mayor of Gravenhurst gave me about a half hour of her time today.

I brought in a presentation folder for her; tests that show toxic levels of heavy metal poisoning in me, my dog and our rain water. I gave her Michael J Murphy’s movies, Patrick Roddie’s Abstract on the health effects of heavy metals, Canada’s Weather Modification Act, the Canadian/U.S. Treaty Exchange of Weather Modification Information and Maui’s “Clean Sky Ordinance”.

I asked her what she knew of geoengineering. She said only the information in the letter I sent her prior to us meeting.

I gave her some back history of geoengineering, showed her time lapse pictures of a chemcial sky, what is being sprayed, the effects of the spraying and who is doing it. I told her the county of Maui is in the process of instituting a “Clean Sky Ordinance” and could we in Gravenhurst not do the same thing? I indicated I was willing to assist in any way I can, and also speak to the other councilors about the subject.

The Mayor said this “was all Greek to her”, and mentioned twice that this was a federal issue. I said it was a local/provincial/federal issue, we are all citizens that have to stop this criminal, rogue spraying. She said she would look over the information and speak to other officials about what could be done.

I will follow up with her in a few weeks. I gave it a shot……


Bye Bye Blue Sky Meets With The Gravenhurst Mayor