Bye Bye Blue Sky – Spring/Summer Event 2015 Recap

September 8, 2015

By Suzanne Maher


Wow, it’s been a busy Spring and Summer!

Bye Bye Blue Sky had hosted and participated in 10 events over that time.

In April 2015, Bye Bye Blue Sky had the privilege of hosting Elana Freeland author of Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth to a packed audience at the University of Toronto jointly with Patrick Whyte and Kadina Yu of Conspiracy Culture Bookstore.

In May, Bye Bye Blue Sky was at the Outdoor Show in Huntsville, Ontario.

We had booths at three Healthy Planet Stores; Toronto, Scarborough and Whitby with Christina Parousis of Ontario Geoengineering Action Group and Homeopathic Doctor Guia Vita Melendres.

In July we did two outdoor shows in Bracebridge, Ontario, had a booth for one month at the Staples store in Bracebridge. Did the Antique Boat Show in Gravenhurst, Ontario and also the Home and Cottage Show at the Huntsville Place Mall.

Although it may seem daunting to set up a booth, it’s really not. Call a few of your local organizers for events, like Outdoor Shows, Boat Shows/Car Shows, Vitamin Stores, Farmer’s Markets. They are always looking for new vendors. It’s usually very inexpensive to set up a booth and ask for a non-profit rate. Get some educational material printed up, you can find on our wall here. For as many people that wave you off there are so many more that are interested, that have heard of geoengineering, that want to talk about this topic. This is the impetus to keep it going, create the dialogue, spread the truth.

Thanks to Patrick Whyte of Conspiracy Culture, Lindsay Edwards of The Huntsville Place Mall, Rita Adams of the Antique Boat Show, and Syed Rizvi of The Healthy Planet Stores for making all these events come together and to Barb and Ralph Webbe and Peggy Peterson for attending and manning the booths, much love.


Bye Bye Blue Sky – Spring/Summer Event 2015 Recap