Bye Bye Blue Sky – Suzanne Maher

July 31, 2015

By Suzanne Maher

Our beautiful blue sky is becoming plasma
No real cumulous clouds
Just one long lingering miasma
Aerosols, fibres, fungi and mould
Look down the rabbit hold low and behold
The elites agenda to
To usher us into the Orwellian ilk
To milk us, to bilk us
Dystopian black clouds
Haz mat suits and gas masks
Our protective shroud
Eco green fascists tell us the enemy is the common man
While they implement a corporatized society
And steal our resources our land
Our rights and our sun
Through the diabolical Agenda 21
Bye Bye Blue Sky
One carefully calculated lie
Unmanned drones spray us like roaches
And fly above clouds and culpability
No feasibility, no reasonability
There is a silver lining atop the aerosol laden clouds
And artificial rainbows
We reap what we sow
As above so below
The truth warriors will bestow
Love and honor everywhere
We will sprinkle our message like fairy dust
An exposition of the depopulation a must
We come to Mother Earth’s aid
And stop the criminals and the toxic lines being laid.

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Bye Bye Blue Sky – Suzanne Maher