Canadian Action Party Candidate Only Person To Acknowledge Geoeongineering In Ontario Debate

September 30, 2015

By Suzanne Maher


I came to the debate last evening for the Parry Sound/Muskoka debate to ask the candidates a question about geoengineering, (I only had 30 seconds, I had to keep it brief) this was my question:

“My question is about the currently IN EFFECT geoengineering/weather modification programs. All NATO nations are being sprayed with neuro toxic aluminum and other dangerous chemicals for the stated purpose of mitigating global warming. What is your position on these dangerous programs, and the fact they have been deployed with no publicly disclosed oversight”?

Canadian Action Party Candidate, Gordie Merton was the only electoral candidate out of 5 other parties to acknowledge the existence of geoengineering. Furthermore, he cited Canada’s Weather Modification Act and also the fact that Monsanto is deeply involved in these programs with their aluminum, stress resistant seed. Gordie also stressed the important of a “Clean Air Ordinance Act” for Lake Muskoka. ┬áNot only did Gordie Merton address and acknowledged the existence of geoengineering programs in a public forum, he walked his walk. He had information packages on his table about geoengineering from Bye Bye Blue Sky, he also wore our anti-geoengineering buttons. Thank you Gordie!!

Hat’s off to this fella, I was impressed, I’m going to be voting for the first time in a long time. His platform also addresses re-instating The Bank of Canada Act.

Harper’s right hand man Tony Clement, tried to marginalize the issue he said; “your talking about chemtrails right, I don’t believe they exist”. I responded with not chemtrails, solar radiation management.

Huge applause went out to the Green Party Candidate that said; how would we even know these programs are being conducted?? Harper has muzzled the scientists…..

I was able to hand out info to most of the candidates, including Tony Clement and some attendees.

Good evening was had.

Please see attached link to Canada’s very own “Weather Modification Act” on the Justice Laws Website.


Canadian Action Party Candidate Only Person To Acknowledge Geoeongineering In Ontario Debate