Carbon Dioxide “Pollutant” DEBUNKED!!!

May 05, 2017

By Suzanne Maher

Carbon Dioxide “Pollutant” DEBUNKED

How is it that a trace “life giving green house gas ” that we exhale, a key nutritive gas that crops need for food is being demonized, does this make any sense? Co2 is simply “not the tail that wags the dog”…. Carbon dioxide is not the enemy its been made out to be. It’s actually plant nutrition that helps regrow rainforests, food crops and wetlands. In fact, higher CO2 levels in the atmosphere would make the planet more lush and abundant in terms of plant life, forests, trees and food crops.

Mike Ranger of Natural News explains very simply but effectively in this video how the government, the EPA and the scientific community use visual trickery and disinformation to push their “‘climate rhetoric” over and over again. They have turned the issue into journalistic terrorism where they say the science is settled and humans are causing climate chaos. Hence, we see the body politics pushing carbon taxation on citizens.  This is misapplied science to pursue a political objective; a carbon dictatorship, less for us and more for them.

At present we are at 400 ppm of Co2. Looking at historic Co2 data Mike shows that 520 million years ago, way before the industrial revolution, the combustion engine and even humans, levels of Co2 were between 5,000 – 8,000 ppm.
400 ppm of Co2 does not cause a rapid increase in global temperatures, this is more fear mongering by the establishment. The establishment has trillions upon trillions resting on this lie, you betcha they will keep pushing it.


Carbon Dioxide “Pollutant” DEBUNKED!!!