Chem-trails Cause Lyme Disease

July 24, 2016

By Suzanne Maher


Dr. David James speaks about the correlation of Lyme’s Disease and chemtrails.  If the atmosphere is being manipulated as it is now through mutations and nano pollutants, the chemistry changes.

Our immune systems does not recognize the toxins  in the air coupled with what is being sprayed on us, and does not react to eliminate these toxins.  The spraying of alumina oxide, barium oxide, mycoplasma’s, viruses, bacteria.

When these pathogens interface, some die to create a biofilm, which then attaches to each other.  Since these particles are utilized to mass produce, this would happen as well through the chemical cocktails in the atmosphere.  The heat through the HAARP technology would charge the frequencies and create a mutation.  The bacterium would then morph into something that was not intended;  a toxic chemical/pathogenic stew.

What goes up must come down.   A genetically engineered atmosphere which we are eating, breathing and drinking.

Chem-trails Cause Lyme Disease