Chemtrail Poem – By Suzanne Maher

September 2, 2015

By Suzanne Maher

Art, poetry, music inspire and change the world.

Chemtrails/geeognineering is such a difficult thing for so many to grasp, translating it into art can sometimes be moving and awakening.

This is one of the poems I wrote after witnessing a horrendous sky assault, I didn’t want to feel helpless, I needed to do something to wrap my head around what is happening.

You can read more of my poetry under “Visionary”.


Chemtrails, like a bullet to the brain

Dumbing the populace
A zombie metropolis

Causing so much pain
Making me insane

Those chemically induced planes
That produce artificial clouds
And artificial rain

Murder from the nozzle of a jet
What do they beget

Atrocious coloured canopies and sunsets
And more white lines…
You know the kind

That make us ill
Geoengineering, cloud seeding, SAG
You can call it what you will

A hard to swallow pill
A democidal slow kill

Our cloudless, featureless gray skies
They don’t tell lies
No more blue skies
And cummulus clouds
I say it out loud

What the f**k is a chembow
And ice nucleated snow

Florida, Atlanta, Georgia storms
Sure aint the norm

Time for a Chemtrail Revolution
An evolution
A sensibile solution
An absolution

Rise up against the demise
And expose the toxic lies
And reclaim our earth….




Chemtrail Poem – By Suzanne Maher