Chemtrails for Chislers – Short Children’s Story

July 23, 2015

By Suzanne Maher

Betty and her son Jerry were walking along the windswept shores of a Clifton river.It was a brusque fall day and they were both befitted appropriately in their aran sweaters and their wellies.

Walking silently, contemplatively hand in hand it was a sweet moment of bonding with mother and son.

As they kicked pebbles along the shore, Jerry gently tugged his hand away and pointed to the sky and asked Betty, “What are those long white lines, are those clouds Ma”?

Betty looked at the sweet face of her 8 year old son. In all his beauty and innocence how was she going to answer her son’s question truthfully and honestly.

She inhaled deeply and composed an answer in her mind for her son to be able to assimilate.

She bent down on her knees, sand skimming her knees and the tops of her boots and took her child’s hands in her own and looked into his eyes.

“Jerry I have always said I would never lie to you and I meant it. If I can teach you anything it’s to keep an open loving heart and an open mind”.

Jerry looked at Betty expectantly and blinked a few times waiting for an answer. Little droplets of moisture clinging to his lashes from the riverside.

“Jerry, there are people in positions of power that are doing some very bad things. Those white lines in the sky are not clouds, but rather chemicals that are altering our weather and making us sick”.

Betty looked up in the sky and pointed to one lone white fluffy cumulous cloud, beautiful in its singular authenticity. “That my son, is a real cloud, that’s what our skies should look like and what me and your Da grew up with”.

A tear trickled down Jerry’s cheek and he looked at his mother and said plaintively, “Why ma, we were put here to love each other, why are those bad people changing our skies and making us sick”.

Betty’s heart ached and she held her son tightly, his small frame enveloped in her own.

“Jerry, there are so many good people fighting to stop this terrible chemical spraying. It’s hard to understand why people can do such horrible things to the planet and to us, but we are fighting with every fibre in us, to give you and your son’s and daughters a clean, beautiful earth. Everyone’s birthright.

Slowly, they started walking back home, looking at the aerosol laden skies.

A mother having translated a sad but brilliant knowledge to her little boy.


Chemtrails for Chislers – Short Children’s Story