Citizen Letter Sent to the EPA – Myself, My Family, and Pets are Ill From Geoengineering

By Suzanne Mossman

August 18, 2015

Letter sent to The Environmental Protection Agency – Cassandra Anderson

I am sending this email to you after endless and futile attempts to get your attention, the attention of the FFA and our local DEQ. Myself and my family and pets are ill from the ongoing spraying being done under the guise of “geoengineering.” You and your families are most likely suffering from it’s affects also but may have not made the connection yet.

Day in and day out our beautiful, blue skies and natural weather are robbed from us so that giant tankers can dump billions of tons of noxious, toxic substances, including dangerous heavy metals thousands of times above the ‘safe’ levels, bacteria, fungi, dessicated white and red blood cells, genetically-modified insects, mutated viruses, pesticides and who-knows-what-else.

WHY IS THIS BEING ALLOWED??? Are you not supposed to monitor our air and protect the public from harmful substances? We are admonished for using aerosol spray cans, being told that it will destroy the ozone layer, yet billions of tons of aerosol is being sprayed directly into the environment and creating giant holes in the ozone layer!

Not only that but there are mountains of evidence showing the weather modification being done to the State of California is deliberately creating the drought.

How can your Agency stand by and do absolutely nothing? This is by far the worst toxic assault ever perpetrated on mankind. You will be held accountable for this breach of trust the American people have suffered.

Remember, it is not only the public suffering and dying from this spraying you are doing nothing to ameliorate, but you and your loved ones also.


Citizen Letter Sent to the EPA – Myself, My Family, and Pets are Ill From Geoengineering