Covert Reality, Chad Casarin – We Are Being Sprayed and Played!!

January 1st, 2017

By Suzanne Maher

Covert Reality’s Chad Discusses Media Shills, Nanotech, Smartdust, Banning Geoengineering – We Are Being Sprayed And Played

Ontario  anti-geoengineering activist Chad Casarin discusses the highjacking of his radio program Covert Reality through media shills, intimidation and mockery.  Chad has hosted Covert Reality for the past six months/24 episodes at the Waterloo radio station 100.3 FM.  Due to this harassment Chad has left the station and is doing a wonderful job of reporting on what mainstream news doesn’t cover. The “Fake News Narrative” is a perfect bait and switch to attempt to discredit alternative media’s reporting on subjects like the toxic aerosol spraying and government corruption.    The cabal is attempting to covering their tracks of corruption through discreditation and ad hominem attacks.

He brings up the unilateral employment of carbon taxation based on a fraudulent scientific premise which has been pushed through by the levers of political corruption. This is misapplied science backed  by a political agenda;  Agenda 21/2030.  Being tracked, monitored and assessed.

Chad also discusses the nano technology and smart dust which are piggybacked on the chem-trails and are defacing our immune system and genetic code.  We now live in a whole different paradigm and health precautions need to be taken every time we step outside our door.

Chad discusses having Canadians make up our own Bill that officially bans the spraying of toxic substances that alter our weather and cause severe health implications.

Be vigilant, be smart and take action for 2017!

Thank you Chad.


Covert Reality, Chad Casarin – We Are Being Sprayed and Played!!