David Suzuki – Compares People to Maggots 1972 Video

July 26, 2015

By Suzanne Maher

David Suzuki – A New World Order Shill

For all David Suzuki’s folksy rhetoric and supposed care for our world and it’s inhabitants,  if we look closer at his connections we can certainly see why he denies geoengineering/chemtrails.

Earlier videos such as these, show David Suzuki likening people to maggots. David Suzuki, owns 3 one million dollars homes, has five children, but tells people that we have to reduce our consumption.

David Suzuki has very wealthy funders which keep his foundation afloat, the billionaire Bronfman family who founded Seagrams, is also involved in the biz of geoengineering. Edgar Bronfman Jr. is also a member on the Council of Foreign Relations no less; follow the money folks.

Maurice Strong founder of the IPCC, is an honorary board member of the Suzuki Foundation.

This excerpt is from the Watershed Sentinel

” Another Canadian billionaire, Edgar Bronfman JR is backing a US geoengineering company called Global Thermostat – also a finalist in the VEC; Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Earth Challenge.

Bronfman, the former Warner Music CEO and heir to the Seagram’s fortune, has invested $15 million in Global Thermostat, and he is the Executive Chair of the company. Bronfman is also a member of the National Advisory Board at JP Morgan and the Council on Foreign Relations. Edgar Bronfman Jr.’s son Benjamin Bronfman is associate managing director of Global Thermostat, which plans to build an air-capture system for removing CO2 from the atmosphere. The company also plans to make a transportation fuel by extracting hydrogen from water and combining it with the CO2 to make a low-carbon fuel”.




David Suzuki – Compares People to Maggots 1972 Video