Dr. Nick Begich – Technological Grid Prevents People From Thinking!!!

April 25, 2016

By Suzanne Maher


A really informative interview with Vinny Eastwood interviewing Dr. Nick Begich.

Dr. Nick Begich has written 5 books with over 1650 sources on HAARP technology, mind control and psychotronic military warfare,  he is pivotal in exposing the covert technology the military has been using on populations.

He was involved in a legislative hearing on the HAARP technology, a second was scheduled and U.S. Senator Ted Stevens at the time, threatened the Chairman of the Committee Jeanette James with her political career if she scheduled a second hearing, it never happened.  Bernard Eastlund inventor of the HAARP patents was set to testify at the second hearing.  Dr. Begich attempted to get a whistleblower mechanism implemented in 2000/2001 for people to bring forward issues about government and private industry. There is also a section in the European Parliament’s Security and Disarmament Resolution; four sections were on HAARP and one section on non lethal weapons which he was responsible for.

Dr. Begich and Vinnie discuss mind control of the populace from the most rudimentary to the most sophisticated forms of mind manipulation, artificial telepathy and the University of California’s artificial telepathy technology, Zbigniew Brzezinki’s 1970 “Between Two Ages” and the realization of Orwell’s 1984, the technotronic grid in which we now live, the need for vigorous public debate on such technologies, the need to point the technology back at our politicians for transparency instead of private citizens, and the new era of real healing medicine addressing the root of illness.

“One step at a time in the right direction. You can succeed and be the victor on the issues that are important to you.  Have a little vision then act on it, and that vision will open itself to something you didn’t expect.”

Dr. Begich’s website is www.earthpulse.com

Dr. Nick Begich – Technological Grid Prevents People From Thinking!!!