Ecologists, Please Delink from the bipolar Climate Change Racket!

September 3, 2016

By Suzanne Maher

Ecologists, Please Delink from the Bi-polar Climate Change Racket!

Wayne Hall

Excellent article written by activist Wayne Hall about the artificially contrived debate about geoeongineering and the spraying of our planet.  The debate of “the risks of doing it versus the risks of not doing it” imposed upon us by the billionaires that are set to reap the rewards of a carbon taxation scheme and one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history –what a public relations scam.  This narrative of “global warming is based on a lie and falsified science by the IPPC, a political advocacy arm of the United Nations.  Many are aware these programs were deployed decades ago so the “eco green rhetoric” simply does not add up  . Geoengineering is the complete decimation of all sacred life on the planet.  This being of little to no consequence for the oligarchs when they can extract more money, wealth and power 

 So many are now feeding at the trough of climate change disaster capitalism that a rational open debate is almost impossible. City councils throughout the land are curiously all subscribing to the same developer, banker- enriching, land-grabbing policies of “smart growth”. Unelected, unaccountable regional boards, made up of selected local officials, along with corporations and non-governmental organizations are drawing up dictatorial regional plans for growth that supersede city governments, depriving citizens of the right to affect their own local land use policy. In the name of climate change remediation, we are told we must pack more people into smaller areas of land, as our towns are being transformed into mega-Manhattanized cities with tall multi-unit apartment buildings that take our sunlight, and ultimately our connection to the land and nature. Old buildings, neighborhoods, and communities are wastefully being torn down and made over to fit the vision of elite ideologue urban planners. In the upheaval, small local independent businesses are lost and replaced with national chains. This is not protection of nature, but a transfer of wealth, power, property ownership, and autonomy of cities, towns and rural areas, away from ordinary citizens.

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Ecologists, Please Delink from the bipolar Climate Change Racket!

Ecologists, Please Delink from the bipolar Climate Change Racket!