First Of It’s Kind – Morgellons/Nano Billboard Up In Atlanta, Georgia!

September 29, 2016

By Suzanne Maher


Thank you to friend/activist Greg Pallen in Atlanta, Georgia for this billboard.

We are pleased to introduce what we are sure is the FIRST billboard of its kind – the truth about chemtrails and the nano tech piggybacked on them.

This billboard addresses the dark side of chemtrails and the deleterious effect that they are having on human health. We want to THANK each and every courageous soul that gave of their hard-earned money to help us WAKE UP THE MASSES !

We ESPECIALLY want to thank the AMAZING Candy Nelson who was willing to “put herself out there” for the good of humanity in such a brave and open manner !

Wonder why you’re having trouble breathing ? Wonder why so many people are experiencing strange skin conditions that won’t go away or heal, yet BIG PHARMA has the solution for your “dermatitis” or “delusional parasitosis “ ?!

Might want to look up the “Hegelian Dialectic” of “create the problem “ and then “offer the solution” !

No one is immune to the nano-technology poisoning that is in our food and water and raining down from the sky. We are all literally “growing tech” in our bodies which is mutating our genetic code. This put simply, is a ticking time bomb for everyone.

The agenda is to break down the immune system, corrupt it, suppress it and then one can impose or introduce anything they wish because of the inability of our body to defend itself. This is what they are doing to us.

A Trinary Attack;
1. CHEMTRAILS – Exposure
2. GMO’S – Integration
3. FREQUENCIES -Activation

We must ALL REACH OUT to our circle of influence in compassion and love with the idea of CHANGING THE DIALOGUE. It is no longer acceptable to sit on the sidelines of political correctness while Rome (or the world) literally burns !

WE MUST FIND AND EXERCISE THE COURAGE that our founding fathers used to stamp out tyranny…What these people are doing to us is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE and we must use the forethought necessary to realize that WE ALL WILL BE AFFECTED EVENTUALLY….WE ARE BEING NANO-POISONED.…

Please educate yourself and then educate others. Encourage them to give financially and of themselves personally in this FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY !

Share this post and these links- so that we can continue to WAKE UP THE MASSES !

Please consider purchasing a DVD that myself and Suzanne Maher created; The Men and Women Fighting Chemtrails International Edition DVD for a minimum donation of $25. It contains over four hours of grass roots activism featuring activists from all over the world.

Every penny raised goes to erect more billboards. In segments 12 and 13 you will see Kandy Griffin Vandawalker discuss Morgellons and the Artificial Intelligence connection, and Marcia Pavlis interview Candy Nelson and how she deals with the health crisis of Morgellons, both brilliant in content.

Link to DVD…/

Thank you again to everyone who made this billboard possible!



First Of It’s Kind – Morgellons/Nano Billboard Up In Atlanta, Georgia!