Fluoride – The Hard To Swallow Truth…

February 18, 2016

By Suzanne Maher


The fluoride used in commercial products and for treating drinking water is known as sodium fluoride, which is not the same as the natural version called calcium fluoride. The name fluoride is a cover up term for many of the dangerous chemicals that make up fluoride, including arsenic, lead, and even radioactive materials.

Fluoride was introduced into our drinking water in the 1940’s. ┬áSodium fluoride/fluorosilic acid/sodium silicofluoride come from the steel, aluminum, fertilizer and nuclear industries. They are toxic waste substances.

Fluoride is the only chemical added to drinking water for medicinal purposes. All other chemicals that are added to water are intended to treat the water by improving its quality and safety. Fluoride has no such effect on water. Ninety-seven percent of western Europe has eliminated fluoride from drinking water on the grounds that it mandates compulsory medication. Swallowing fluoride also has minimal benefit. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention note that fluoride’s effect is delivered through topical application and not through ingestion.

Fluoride is a poison that accumulates in our bones. It has been associated with cancer in young males; osteoporosis; reduced I.Q.; and hip fractures in the elderly as well as unsightly teeth mottling; dental fluorosis, to name a few negative side effects. This is the promotion of a toxic waste by product by dental and public health officials, and concurrently, the avoidance of this issue by the environmental community. ┬áThis has a lot to do with the sordid 50-year history of the promotion of fluoridation by the U.S. Department of Public Health and the American Dental Association. Rather than acknowledge the accumulating evidence of fluoride’s threat to human health, they have en-trenched themselves in a position that has produced tactics that include the harassment of scientists and dentists who speak out.”

A 20 minute you tube produced by Collective Evolution details the nefarious history of fluoride from the Nazi German concentration camps and the corrupt industrial giants Alcoa and Dow.


Fluoride – The Hard To Swallow Truth…