Frankenskies – New Full Length Documentary, MUST SEE!!!

June 22, 2017

By Suzanne Maher

Frankenskies – New Full Length Documentary, MUST SEE!!!

Matt Landman, activist and filmmaker, creator of Actual Chemtrail Activists and the world’s first two Global Chemtrail Summit’s in 2015 and 2016 in British Columbia and Oregon, has created a spectacular new 80 minute anti geoengineering film which is sure to stir the hearts and minds of many.  This movie is an unflinching historical voyage of man’s attempt to battle and control the atmospheric domain.  Through the unlimited resources of the mammoth military industrial complex, coupled with a controlled and parroted media, this film demonstrates we face the most daunting and dangerous coverup of our time.

Matt  journey’s us through the 1920 early beginnings at attempts at cloud seeding using smoke screens. Many companies like General Electric witnessed the potentially huge economic gains and joined the production of cloud seeding.  Project Cirrus, Project Cumulus, Project Skyfire, Project Skywater, Operation Ranchhand,  Project Stormfury and Project Popeye are some of the weather operations that are exposed in this film.  If any person had any doubt that our officials were simply tinkering with the idea of our controlling the skies, this movie will soon dispel the notion.

The HAARP projects are also uncovered which began with Russia’s Woodpecker system in the 70’s and soon spread their tentacles in the United States who were eager to reap the spoils of controlling man, mind and nature.

The climate change juggernaut is discussed by various IPCC scientists who categorically refute the narrative of man made global warming.  There is clearly a vested interest in creating panic, John Christy, scientist states.

The documentary continues with Harvard scientist David Keith, the most well known proponent/advocate of geoengineering who also runs a carbon capture company.  It is evident that Dr. Keith stands to make a lot of money on the climate change rhetoric and the demonization of CO2.

Former USDA Crop Loss Adjuster Rosalind Peterson, meteorologist Scott Stevens, activists, politicians, and members of native tribes from all over the world expose the biggest and most significant ecological threat our world has ever seen.  The devastating consequences these programs have on our world highlight the need for humanity to rise up against this biological experimentation.  Our actions, or rather in actions will determine whether we will have a sun, a blue sky and clean air to breathe.

There is no time to wait;  Look Up, Get Up and Stand Up for Our world, Our children and Our future.

Thank you to Matt and to all who contributed to this important and socially relevant documentary film.

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Frankenskies – New Full Length Documentary, MUST SEE!!!