Geoengineering Awareness Group (G.A.G.) – New Site Connecting Canadians Together!!!

January 2, 2016

By Suzanne Maher


I am very pleased to announce the launch of the newly created “G.A.G. Canada Networking Hub” website.

A group of hardworking Ontario anti-geoengineering activists created this site to successfully connect Canadians together to form relationships, alliances, and to grow the movement and put an end to weather modification programs.   Thanks to all for their stellar efforts.

As groups register, the data base will provide Canadians access to various groups to join on the list by Province. Please encourage those without groups formed to register with G.A.G. as well. It starts with one contact. GAG Members are also working in the background obtaining various “free ad sources” available to us across Canada in order to keep promoting the Networking Hub.

G.A.G is contacting as many groups as they can, ascertained through searching the web and social media, in order to make direct contact to share current news feeds and to make people aware of projects. G.A.G. welcomes any feedback to improve our initiative!

Please take a little of your time to help launch the website through your website and/or Facebook page, if G.A.G. qualifies under rules and regulations as set.  The website launch was January 1st, 2016, which G.A.G will continue promoting on an ongoing basis.

If you have any questions regarding this exciting new initiative please contact:

Bernadette Greene – Executive Administrator

Website link:




Geoengineering Awareness Group (G.A.G.) – New Site Connecting Canadians Together!!!