The Geoengineers and Philanthropists With Their Hands On the Global Thermostat

August 13, 2015

By Suzanne Maher

David Keith is the lead researcher of Geoengineering from the University of Calgary along with his sidekick,  Climate Scientist Ken Caldiera of Stanford’s Carnegie Department and former employee of Lawrence Livermore Lab, and Bill Gates, philanthropist; also known as LARRY, CURLY AND MOE.

The hubris/arrogance with which these three eugenicists have tinkered with the global thermostat, hacked the planet and played God with our weather is staggering.

Bill Gates has his hands in so many pies. He has sunk 4.5 million dollars of his personal wealth in funding David Keith and Ken Caldiera. He also owns 500,000 shares in big Biotech Monsanto, is part owner of the Norway Doomsday seed bank, not to mention vaccinating (not feeding) all the starving African children.

Both Keith and Caldiera deny employing their climate modification programs of Geoengineering, they are simply at the “discussion stage”.  The time to deny what we all can observe with measureable results is long gone.

USA today reports Ken Caldiera and Bill Gates have patents describing methods “not limited to”, atmospheric management, weather management, hurricane suppression, hurricane prevention, hurricane intensity modulation, hurricane deflection to manage storms. Seems they stand to make a lot of money by “discussing” Geoengineering.

Keith speaks in his lectures how amazing it is that we can affect the planet. “It gives us extraordinary leverage whether we like it or not. It will give us leverage to affect the planet, to control the planet, to give us weather and climate control. Not because we want it, but because science delivers it to us bit by bit”.

Caldiera has also gone on record stating how he spent his time at Livermore Lab; “I used to work at Lawrence Livermore Lab where we all participated in a meeting. Where we sat around the room thinking of ways to manipulate geophysical systems to use it as a weapon. That means could you somehow interfere with the earth’s functioning in a way that you could use it as a military weapon. Could you change climate, what could you do to manipulate the earth’s physical system. Some of the ideas were, could we blow up hydrogen bombs underwater or offshore to make a tidal wave that would go over a city. The result was; isn’t it easier to drop the hydrogen bomb on the city? Now, you could imagine putting pathogens in a cloud. Let the cloud go over somewhere and rain down on your enemy, do chemical or germ warfare. That may work on something as big as the former Soviet Union, where you could be pretty sure that in a few days that cloud would rain out.”

These are the guys with their hands on the wheel…..



The Geoengineers and Philanthropists With Their Hands On the Global Thermostat