Geoscientist Leuren Moret Talks Chemtrails, HAARP, Smartdust and More….

January 28, 2017

By Suzanne Maher

Part One

Discussion from 2014 with medical researcher journalist Desiree Rover and geoscientist Leuren Moret.  All segments are approximately 15 minutes.

Dr. Moret discusses the early applications of nuclear bomb testing and rockets at the Lawrence Livermore Lab so they could understand how to weaponize the ionosphere with metals and frequencies.

At the time of this discussion Moret said in the San Francisco/Bay Area there were seven layers of different chemicals sprayed at different altitudes.

She states that they are breaking down North America and it’s going to be one big slave camp. Janet Napolitano secured contracts in other countries, including Germany to have FEMA and Department of Homeland Security set up.


Part Two

Dr. Moret discusses more chemical experimentation on the American public.  She states that toxic ozone is being pumped into black communities which acts as a ground fog to increase death rates.  High pressure systems can be created to create invisible fences using a warm air border. Chemicals are also being put in the drinking water as a another dangerous cumulative toxin.

Most countries worldwide are being sprayed, including; Argentina, Brazil, European countries, many islands in the Caribbean and Hawaii.

Smartdust is also explored which Moret feels is piggybacked on the chem-trails and which we are inhaling and ingesting.  This smart dust she believes is transmitting and receiving signals, commands, and can monitor radiation levels and responses in people.


Part Three

In this third video Rover and Moret discuss the effects of Fukushima radiation and how it traverses throughout the globe.  This radiation is released every single day and travels five to ten miles per hour.  They also discuss when there is a larger variance in temperature  at the cold poles and the hot equator, this creates a more violent mixing of air and this is how they increase the energy in storms to make them more violent.

Moret also states that increased levels of radiation are causing extreme increases in diabetes.


Part Four

Rover and Moret discuss in this segment how every cloud may have a different frequency for military applications, how to make artificial electromagnetic mirrors, transmitting straight line frequencies around the world and the collusion of U.S. and Russia during the cold war in secretly developing the HAARP weapon.

They also discuss Project Popeye, which was the protostudy of chem-trails during the Vietnam War.  This operation was denied but later admitted to by the Pentagon with a budget of over 10 million dollars.

The Livermore Lab which helped to create HAARP by way of Bernard Eastlund’s patents (see HAARP section on website for Eastlund’s patents) had other uses for HAARP besides weather warfare;  tomography which is the mineral exploration by beaming energy into the ground,  ballistic missile defense and mind control.  They briefly touch on Bechtel an engineering firm which mapped many of the ore deposits from space all over the world including Antarctica.
















Geoscientist Leuren Moret Talks Chemtrails, HAARP, Smartdust and More….