Great Time At the Huntsville Spring Home and Cottage Show!!

May 29, 2016


I want to thank Lorraine George, Bernadette Gervais Greene of G.A.G.Canada/Windsor Skywatch and Dawn Paton for coming out speaking truth, and showing their support for Bye Bye Blue Sky, great women warriors demonstrating their mettle.

Two young co-op students set up our booth and we were able to speak to them about chemtrails/geoengineering, which was great and they were wearing our buttons throughout the day.

Yesterday was a really busy day. People were approaching our booth, asking lots of great questions, and we had a number of really meaningful conversations. People are waking up and they are pissed. People do seem to want to get more involved, asking us how they can help. Saturday slower, the weather was hot so people weren’t coming into the mall quite so much.

A man named Robert came to the booth twice yesterday and then came back again today. He had written a poem that he said Bye Bye Blue Sky inspired him to write;

I see with my eye
A patch of blue sky
In our Muskoka air
That you and I share
While the powers that be
Cannot really see
How blue skies matter
So stay eye to eye
For a bright blue sky
And make dark clouds scatter
The outcome is clear
When dark clouds blast
Blue skies might be the last
We shall not fear
And hope that someday
Blue skies shine the way
-Robert, May 28th, 2016-

A great few days, more events to come.







Great Time At the Huntsville Spring Home and Cottage Show!!