High Bypass Turbo Fan Jet Engines Cannot Produce Contrails

July 16, 2015

By Suzanne Maher/executivereasoning.com


High-bypass turbofan engines do not create condensation trails. The ratio of air-to-exhaust is much too high to facilitate the formation of condensation because the majority of air expelled from the back of the engine is not combusted.

It is passed through the “fan” and simply blown out the back without mixing with any fuel at all.

Turbine engines are used in other applications besides powering jets. They are also used to power helicopters and many prop driven planes, yet we never see trails coming from these types of vehicles, and the reason is simple. Turbine engines virtually never produce condensation

Animation of a 2-spool, high-bypass turbofan.

A. Low pressure spool B. High pressure spool C. Stationary components 1. Nacelle 2. Fan 3. Low pressure compressor 4. High pressure compressor 5. Combustion chamber 6. High pressure turbine 7. Low pressure turbine 8. Core nozzle 9. Fan nozzle

High Bypass Turbo Fan Jet Engines Cannot Produce Contrails