Holes in Heaven – Secret Tesla Technology

October 23, 2015

By Suzanne Maher

51 minutes you tube narrated by Martin Sheen.

Nicola Tesla was a 1912 visionary genius that knew how to tame the sky and make the atmosphere glow.  He invented alternating currents, high frequency radio technology and free energy.  He experimented with high and low frequencies and electromagetic waves.  He claimed he knew how to split the earth in two.

Bernard Eastlund applied for patents in 1985 that many claim could make these ideas real and that these patents are the blueprint for HAARP, High Active Auroral Research Program.  The government claims that HAARP is a “research project”.  The DOD explains it more clearly;  they aim to exploit the ionosphere for military purposes.

HAARP has 180 poles which make up one single antenna.  It emits 1 billion watts of frequency, energy comparable to a nuclear bomb.  These electro magnetic beams are shot up into the ionsphere creating a bubble like effect in our atmosphere, they can direct these beams anywhere in the world and they can be used in conjunction with one another.  They can be land based, aerial, satellite and sea based.  These high frequency beams charge and excite the nano particles being dispersed.





Holes in Heaven – Secret Tesla Technology