Intrusive Nanotechnology – Unregulated Tech Put Into Our Food Stuffs

June 22, 2018

By Suzanne Maher

Intrusive Nanotechnology – Unregulated Tech Put Into Our Food Stuffs

Like GMO’s, our officials don’t feel it’s necessary or deserved for the consumer to know that they are ingesting highly speculative nano particles which have been in their food since 1960. Particles with devastating health effects on our cells, tissues and organs.

The definition of nano technology is based on the prefix ‘nano’ which is from the Greek word ‘dwarf’. Nano is something that is one billionth of a meter in size.  For comparison, a virus is roughly 100 nano meters in size (nm).  The word nanometer is generally used when referring to materials the size of 0.1 to 100 nanometers.  Particles this small will ferry toxins right past immune system barriers.

At present the United States is the leader in nano tech with a four year, 3.7 billion USD investment through its Natural Nanotechnology Initiative (NNT).  The USA stands tall as the leader in research of this genocide and is followed by Japan and the European Union. There are 4,288 patents from January 1980 to June 2010 owned by IBM, Canon, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Mitsubishi and Dupont. Nanotechnology is everywhere and in everything.  There are no ethics, no testing, no risk assessment and no standards. Fabulous business model.

The areas of intrusion are; nano encapsulation, nanoceuticals, nano composites, nano bioluminescence detection sprays, nano electronic tongues in food packaging, nano cleaning agents, nano feed for chickens (WHAT ABOUT THOSE THOUSANDS OF CHICKENS FOUND DEAD THIS WEEK ON A BARRIE, ONTARIO HIGHWAY??), nano agro chemicals, smart dust and nano sensors for grain storage.

Police investigating after hundreds of dead chickens found along Highway 89

Programmable wine is coming to a dinner table near you, and how about an invisible, edible nano wrapper from Mars, sounds absolutely delicious doesn’t it? These poisons will be touted as the ‘new novel foods’,  ignoring the unseen hazards of nano toxicity and nano poisoning.

This genie you can’t put back in a bottle, and much, much worse than GMO’s. What is being consumed is no longer food. It will soon be a non negotiable to be growing our food in a tower garden indoors or a greenhouse outside.

Intrusive Nanotechnology – Unregulated Tech Put Into Our Food Stuffs