Knocking Out Biofilm From Your Body!!!

June 2, 2017

By Suzanne Maher

Knocking Out Biofilm From Your Body!

Health expert Tony Pantalleresco is back!

Tony’s delivery is always fun, witty, and acerbic. Your guaranteed a few laughs, along with some amazing health tips when you listen to Tony.

He stresses the importance of daily detox from the daily assault of the metals being sprayed on us from the toxic aerosol spraying; lithium , strontium which strips us of calcium, thorium which strips our bodies of iodine, aluminum is a metalloestrogen and disrupts hormone production, causes neurological diseases, cancers and can stay lodged in our bodies for years.   Couple this metal overload with glyphosates in our food which are stripping our gut bacteria.  This is a recipe for disease and disaster.

Tony shows us in this vid how to get biofilm out of our bodies.  Biofilm is a complex swarm of bacteria which creates a hard protein in your body which is almost impenetrable. It will use sugars/proteins to grow a network. If you are doing Tony’s protocols vis a vis the nano bucket/bath/triangle you will see what looks like larvae with fibers sticking out of it being excreted from your body .  This is nano biology getting ready to network and grow.

Wherever the nano goes so does the biofilm. Biofilm attach itself to any form of synthetic (nano). This is destroying our body’s infrastructure and breaking us down.

Using Tony’s protocol of brandy or cognac, combined with one or two different essential oils will help excrete the biofilm. The alcohol will act as a solvent and help to disperse the oils.

Check out more of Tony’s protocols under my Nano/Morgellons section on and his website.  They work.


Knocking Out Biofilm From Your Body!!!