Letter of Complaint Sent Regarding Geoengineering Advertising in Alberta Airport

By Suzanne Maher

August 11, 2015

This is a letter of complaint I sent to Advertising Standards Canada regarding the attached advertising of Apega, a geoengineering firm whose ad is prominently placed in the Calgary, Alberta airport.  This firm has hosted Canadian Geoengineer at their 2005 conference “Technology and Climate Change”, yet Advertising Standards Canada feels this ad is “about the ability to make planes fly” and in no way contravenes any code…


January 12, 2015

Complaint Against – The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists, Alberta – Apega
Ad Location: Calgary Airport


A depiction of an airplane inside a pair of humans hands configured into a triangle, dispersing chemical contrails…

To Whom it May Concern:

I am filing a complaint with respect to the advertising in the Calgary, Alberta airport by The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists, Alberta.

Under the Canadian Advertising Standards of Canada, I maintain that Apega has contravened five clauses in the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards.

Firstly, I would like to cite the definition of “geoengineering”; the deliberate large scale manipulation of an environmental process that affects the earth’s climate, in an attempt to counter act the effects of global warming.

Geoengineers have openly discussed spraying 10 million metric tons of aluminum each year into our skies to reflect sunlight back into space. Air quality studies have demonstrated that submicron nano particulates are particularly harmful to human respiration and, moreover, that aluminum is a harmful reactive metal that toxifies water, soils, is neuro toxic and very  harmful to the human brain.

Please see attached Background and Methodology statement from Apega:
The first tenet of APEGA’s Code of Ethics is that professionals shall hold the protection of the public as paramount and have regard for the environment.

The following five clauses I feel contravene the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards are as follows, and are not in accordance with
Apega’s Code of Ethics;

Clause 1(a) (b)(c) – Accuracy and Clarity. The advertisement is non-descript and ambiguous. The text of the advertisement does not give proper context to the picture of the plane spraying chemical contrails. Apega is attempting to project that geoengineering is a safe practice, benevolent and good for the planet;

Clause 2 – Disguised Advertising Techniques – This advertisement is attempting to condition individuals to the unsafe, unregulated spraying of the planet and to humanize the engineering by putting the plane inside a pair of symbolic human hands configured as a triangle. What better way to indoctrinate the public to an unsafe aerosol practice than to advertise it in an airport;

Clause 4 – Bait and Switch – The ad is attempting to legitimize the harmful practice of chemical spraying using nebulous non-descript text, rather than a precise description edifying what the practice actually is; spraying chemically induced contrails, climate engineering and/or climate modification. To study the science behind geoengineering and the dumping of nano metals in our atmosphere, one can see it is an extremely dangerous, unregulated practice, with little to no transparency, oversight, or open debate of such programs to the public. There are large unintended consequences with weather manipulation programs;

Clause 10 – Safety – This ad clearly depicts that the act of geoengineering is safe for the earth, eco systems and people. The ad states “proudly brought to you by professionals in engineering and science”. Certainly then, these engineers are secure and confident in their advertisement which promotes the application of geoengineering. The methods of geoengineering are a direct contradiction to Apega’s Code of Ethics, as the dispersal of nano metals into the atmosphere is extremely dangerous and harmful to all living organisms. Dr. Russell L. Baylock, Neurosurgeon and author, and many other professionals, have confirmed that aluminum is a cumulative neurotoxin.

Clause 14 – Unaccepable Depictions and Portrayals
b) This ad is condoning and exploiting the unregulated practice of spraying nano mentals into our environment, damaging all living beings and ecosystems.

d) This ad undermines human dignity and displays obvious indifference to the treacherous and toxic effects of geoengineering; on plants, animals, and our atmosphere, which are the very lungs of our planet.




Letter of Complaint Sent Regarding Geoengineering Advertising in Alberta Airport