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BBC Interview with Suzanne Maher of Bye Bye Blue Sky – Audio to be released shortly of the ‘real’ interview and the topics that never received mention in the discussion

January 31, 2018

‘Chemtrail’ conspiracy theorists:  The people who think governments control the weather

Those white lines in the sky trailing behind jet planes are puffy plumes of water vapour. But online, some have twisted them into evidence of a secret plot to control weather or poison the environment. Why are wild theories about contrails and other phenomena so persistent on social media?

Suzanne Maher doesn’t like the term “conspiracy theory”.

When I use it – on a phone call to arrange an interview – she tells me that it was invented by the CIA to discredit those who question the government.

But as the founder of Bye Bye Blue Sky – a group established to raise awareness of so-called “chemtrails” and what she claims is a massive, secret government conspiracy to control the weather – it’s one the Canadian is used to hearing.

“I ask that we move beyond the notion that this is a conspiracy theory,” she says. “Twenty to thirty years ago we never saw these trails. We had a beautiful blue sky.”


Chem Trails & Nanotech Rain:  Wake up and Recognize Humanity is Being Exterminated – You Must Act

–Ramola D/Posted 3/3/2018

Need to Know Report No. 8: Detox & Stop Depop Nanotechnology/Aerosols with Suzanne Maher and Tony Pantelleresco, published last week, offers an educative and enlightening conversation with researchers and activists Suzanne Maher of Bye Bye Blue Sky and Tony Pantelleresco of AugmentInforce on the subject of what exactly is raining down on us via chem trails (an US Airforce term and a chilling reality still rejected by the unawake and uninformed as “conspiracy theory,” and ignorantly maligned as con-trails and jet exhaust), what it’s doing to our human and animal biology, and what we can do to stop this deadly onslaught on humanity.

And deadly it is. These researchers discuss how the nanobiology, nanoparticulates, and nanotechnology entering our ground, water, skin, bodies and brains is working to break us down even as it self-assembles, replicates, and builds sensors and networks inside our bodies to facilitate AI interconnectivity; at a cellular level this transhumanizing invasion destroys tissue, colonizes hormonal receptors, creates biofilm, promotes cancer, weakens immune systems, and opens the door to autism and Alzheimer’s, among a slew of other diseases.

Our DNA is being defaced, says Suzanne. Our fertility is being compromised.

Humanity is Being Transhumanized, Sterilized, Diseased, Exterminated

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Chem Trails & Nanotech Rain: Wake up and Recognize Humanity is Being Exterminated—You Must Act

March 19, 2018

Lawmaker Sorry for Spreading Anti-Semitic Weather Conspiracy

A local lawmaker in Washington, DC, has apologised for sharing a video based on a conspiracy theory that Jewish financiers control the weather.

Councilman Trayon White Sr posted a video of snow flurries on Friday and warned of “climate manipulation”.

He blamed the Rothschilds, a famous Jewish business dynasty, who are a target of anti-Semitic conspiracies.

Mr White apologised for his comments on social media and said he “did not intend to be anti-Semitic”.

I really do apologise,” he said on Twitter. “I work very closely with the Jewish community and never want to offend anyone, especially with Anti-Semitic remarks.”

The lawmaker said his Jewish friends were helping him realise the way his comments said in the Facebook video were rooted in anti-Semitic thought that dates back centuries.

“I see I should not have said that after learning from my colleagues,” he said.

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April 29, 2018

China’s Ambitious New Rain Making System Would Be As Big As Alaska

China’s state-owned aerospace corporation is embarking on a plan that would see tens of thousands of fuel-burning, cloud-seeding chambers dispersed across the Tibetan Plateau in an attempt to increase rainfall in the region. It sounds impressive, but it’s an open question as to whether this extensive rain-making system will even work, or how it may impact neighboring communities.

When the Chinese government embarks on a project, it doesn’t tend to think small, whether it be a state-led effort to eliminate sparrows or a massive hydroelectric dam system with a reservoir extending for 390,000 square miles. China’s latest mega-project, dubbed Tianhe (or Sky River in English), is equally ambitious. The hope is that it will increase rainfall in the Tibetan Plateau, an important source of freshwater for China and an area deemed vulnerable to the effects of human-induced climate change.

New details about the project were published earlier this week in the South China Morning Post. Reporter Stephen Chen managed to speak to a researcher directly involved in the study who asked to remain anonymous owing to the sensitive nature of the project. Indeed, this technology is an effort to boost rainfall, but it has its roots in the Chinese military’s weather modification program. Weather machines have the potential to make life better for communities in need—but they could also be turned into potential weapons, wreaking meteorological havoc within an adversary’s borders.

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