Meteorologists Respond To Weather Modification History – Part 2, Must See!!

June 27, 2018

By Suzanne Maher

Meteorologists Respond to Weather Modification History – Part 2

This excellent you tube video, is part 2 of Domenic Marrama of Weather Modification’s series on tabling weather modification questions to meteorologists on their live feed forecasts on Facebook.

Domenic attempted to speak to 25 more meteorologists over the course of three weeks.  Nine responded to his questions on their Facebook live forecast feed,.  As with the first video, it was a joint production with Climateviewer/Jim Lee.

This is a revealing snapshot of the painfully ignorant, deflecting questions regarding cloud seeding, weather modification history and the operations involved.  The meteorologists had uncomfortable responses, incapable of answering the most basic questions on the topic.  

What is even more disturbing is the flippancy and arrogance in which some of the people respond to Domenic’s live feed questions; mocking and contemptuous.  No one could possibly know more than the experts…..

These meteorologists seemingly do not have any knowledge of an organization that has been in operation for over the past 50 years; Weather Modification Incorporated.  This organization currently has weather modification projects in 19 countries including the U.S., Canada, Greece, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Spain.

Excerpt from the you tube;

Question from Weather Modification History:

Hey Cody,  what are your thoughts on current research programs used to influence the weather?

Answer from Meteorologist Cody Blevins and team of KTEN:

First team member:  You can’t control the weather Cody (sarcasm)?

Cody: Ya, I know,  I wish I could right?

Third team member:  Ya Cody, seriously!

First Team member:  We need to get that program, let’s get that.

Cody: If I could I control it, it would be much cooler in Texo.

Laughs from all of them…..



Meteorologists Respond To Weather Modification History – Part 2, Must See!!