Michael J Murphy, Jolie Diane – Urgent Geoengineering Call To Action!!!

December 11, 2015

By Suzanne Maher

Interview with Mike Williams of Sage of Quay Radio

Michael J Murphy and Jolie Diane share some important news regarding the battle to stop the on-going Geoengineering programs and to halt the legalization of geo-engineering via the COP21 Paris Climate Conference currently underway in France.

The 30 minute interview focuses on the COP21 and ways that people can can take a stand against “taxation without representation” and legalizing of geoengineering under the imposed framework. Jolie‚Äôs steady and continued perseverance to meet with both California and Washington DC legislatures to explain how the COP21 Climate Agreement will usurp the power of State and Federal law makers has caught the attention of many Senators and Representatives who are now taking the issue far more seriously than in the past.

A Call To Action for everyone to call their Senator and Representative to voice their concern and position that any documents signed in Paris attempting that bind the US or any State to legalized geoengineering is unacceptable.

To contact Congress and speak with your Congressperson call toll free at 1-866-220-0044 and request to speak to the person responsible for Environmental and Climate Change Issues for your law maker. If you are unsure of your Congressperson you can enter your Zip Code and be routed accordingly

Canada also falls under this new global UN legislature, should Canadians be looking at ways to implement similar actions that Jolie Diane is successfully instituting?

Thanks to Mike, Jolie and Michael for this exciting and encouraging news!

Michael J Murphy, Jolie Diane – Urgent Geoengineering Call To Action!!!