MORGELLONS – A compound complex assault on the body

July 20, 2015

By Suzanne Maher

MORGELLONS – Biological warfare piggybacked on chemtrails

Excellent video of “Champion for humanity”, scientist/researcher Clifford Carnicom and Naturopathic Doctor Gwen Scott discuss the pathogens that is Morgellons/Cross Domain Bacteria.

Clifford states there are four basic forms that he has witnessed under the microscope;
1. incasing filament or bounding filament
2. submicron network
3. coccus form bacteria
4. hybrid form of the filament and the coccus bacteria

The classification that this disease affects only a few individuals who have the visible manifestation they state is false. It appears to affect the whole population. Everyone’s health is being degraded and being aged prematurely.

These pathogens enter your body system wide in less than a minute with deliberation through out air and our food supply. These compounds work synergistically, none of them good to the human body and human health.

MORGELLONS – A compound complex assault on the body