Morgellons/Cross Domain Bacteria – Treatment Protocol

July 30, 2015

By Marylou Harris and Suzanne Maher


What is Morgellons?

Dr. Gwen Scott, Naturopathic Doctor and Scientist/Researcher Clifford Carnicom state that Morgellons is not a disease, but a “complex compound assault on the body”; a network of pathogens, organic and inorganic; fibers, fungi, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses; very unusual structures observed under a microscope at submicron level.

These pathogens seem to be working synergistically and are cloaked and genetically altered. Dr. Scott also indicates that based on many samples, these pathogens are, with deliberation, entering our bodies through our air and food supply

Morgellons is characterized by painful sores as well as crawling sensations within and under the skin. Fibers and solid materials emerging from the sores are also common. If you have ever known or seen anyone with this condition, it is heart breaking… there is a lot of suffering associated with Morgellons.  Morgellons defaces our immune system and feeds off of our red blood cells. This is not a skin condition, it is a blood borne pathogen.

Morgellons may also present a number of other symptoms including skin rashes, intense itching, stinging or biting in the skin, sever fatigue, difficulty concentrating and short-term memory loss.

18 people randomly selected from all over the world, demonstrated the same pathogenic forms that are being found in individuals with visible manifestations. These organisms are appearing in the general population at large, and should not be present in anyone, in any form.

Natural Solutions for Morgellons

While difficult to treat, Morgellons can be effectively managed using a number of different natural remedies. One of the most common natural and safe solutions is the use of essential oils.

Natural Remedies for Morgellons

Morgellons is a largely misunderstood condition for many reasons, notwithstanding many sufferers are ridiculed and ignored by the medical community, but several treatment options have been identified. Many common remedies focus on treating the symptoms and jointly the cause. Essential oils have offered relief to many suffering from this condition.

One protocol that is getting rave reviews calls for taking the oils internally (in a gel cap because these are STRONG oils).

QUALITY MATTERS so please make sure the oils are a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) before ingesting. Oils that can be ingested will have a “Supplemental Facts” label on the bottle and be classified an “Essential Oil Supplement” on the bottle as well.

Put 2 drops of each of the following CPTG essential oils in a gel cap and swallow, at least twice a day, WITH food:

  • OnGuard Protective essential oil blend by doTerra
  • Lemon CPTG essential oil
  • Thyme CPTG essential oil
  • Oregano CPTG essential oil

Again, please be sure to take WITH FOOD… these are strong oils and will be way too hard to handle on an empty stomach.

If there is room in the veggie cap, you can always drip a couple drops of olive oil in the cap, as well as to make them a bit easier to handle on the tummy.  Peppermint essential oil will calm the tummy if there is a reaction of any kind.  Drink a few drops of peppermint CPTG essential oil in a small glass of water if necessary. This CPTG essential oil four pack (15 mL per bottle) with 160 empty gel caps is offered to Bye Bye Blue Sky members for a discounted package price of $97.50 + tax. A free 5 mL bottle of Peppermint oil is included as an additional promotion. A small flat rate shipping fee will also be incurred.

Morgellons sufferers have also found temporary relief by soaking in a very warm bath of salt and essential oils. Combine the salt (Epsom and Dead Sea are my favorite) with a few drops of wild orange oil, melaleuca (a.k.a. tea tree) oil, lavender oil and peppermint oil for 10 minutes or more. This CPTG essential oil four pack (15 mL per bottle) is offered to Bye Bye Blue Sky members for a discounted package price of $71 + tax. A small flat rate shipping fee will also be incurred.

Let’s all protect our health and wellbeing!

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Photos of the Cross Domain Bacteria Courtesy of Morgellons Sufferer Candy Nelson



Morgellons/Cross Domain Bacteria – Treatment Protocol