Nano Technology – They Are Copying Us To Replace Us….

December 11, 2016

By Suzanne Maher


Pictures of the nano construct sent to Nano Researcher/Health Expert Tony Pantalleresco from a Nano/Morgellon’s sufferer from the UK.

The first photo are fullerines encased in a protein. The insect looking ones he said are mimetics, one a possible MAV. Mimetics appear to actually be something, but it is really a copy. They use nano technology to mimic the construct of worms, bugs and even sea microbes to move their network throughout a person. You can see the fiber/fullerine attachment to the bug like mimetics.

The nano would have got a directive to build based on the program in the nano particles and polymer and would have attached to his DNA or gene using a PNA ( protelytinc nucleic acid), LNA (locked nucleic acid) or or XNA (xenic nucleic acid) and would have assembled this construct. With a mimetic, it can actually copy the DNA to a T and then attach itself, and the immune system would not even flinch.

If a health care professional did an analysis they would think their findings would be a parasite when in reality it is a nano composite.

They are copying us to replace us…..


Tony discusses dysfunctions, debilitations and malfunctions many of us our experiencing with our health.  The nano saturation after four to five decades. The effects of the saturation and translocation of the nano.  The 1960’s and 1970’s impact on current health issues.  Mimetics and the nanbio construction that look like natural things in food and materials  that would have the nano adulterations.  How the nano in the sky would be absorbed and translocated and further integrate the constructs where the adulterations would have been introduced – nanosprays in the fields.  The lack of tangible solutions provided by the medical community due to lack of education, knowledge and healing.  Simply dealing with the symptomologies of toxicity of nano rather than dealing with the sabotage of our medical system.

Please see nano section of this website for more information and detox protocols.


Nano Technology – They Are Copying Us To Replace Us….