Operation Artichoke – CIA’s Experimentation On Humans

February 25, 2016


53 minute you tube video about the experimentation the CIA used on humans post World War II/Nuremberg and how American intelligence enlisted the services of criminal Nazi doctors who experimented on the concentration camp prisoners and who were not prosecuted for their crimes.

The documentary investigates the life of  Army Scientist/CIA Agent Frank Olson who was an anthrax  specialist and CIA agent who had top security clearance and who died under very violent and suspicious circumstances who was known to “talk a little too much”.  Frank Olson had deep knowledge and involvement with Operation Artichoke which was human experimentation on human test subjects using chemicals, drugs, torture, brainwashing, the manipulation of the human mind, and murder by means of poisons and bacteria.  These methods were used on their own American solidiers as well as enemy combatants.



Operation Artichoke – CIA’s Experimentation On Humans