Operation GAS PUMP – Thank You for Your Participation!!!

July 31, 2017

By Suzanne Maher

Operation Gas Pump – Thank You For Your Participation!

What began as an innovative campaign outreach idea by Pam Jones for Liberty mushroomed into something so big and beautiful and unexpected.

Simply putting Bye Bye Blue Sky business cards into gas pumps at the stations spurned a fire in the movement like never before. Seven countries got involved in this program and Pam and I were thrilled to see it go global.

9,000 business cards were purchased in three months. This is unprecedented outreach. We can only imagine the potentiality of the seeds we are all sowing together, the possibilities are endless.

The efforts and creativity of so many activists demonstrated a real hands on, can do approach. We do not have to sit back and idly watch our skies being blistered without doing something about it. We have our voices, our placards and our passion.

It’s a beautiful thing to see people across the world coming together and unifying for the same purpose; peace, freedom and clean air.

I thank Pam for initiating this call to action and all her brilliant outreach videos. She is the butterfly who created this world-wide campaign. The effect so far reaching, the groundswell only just beginning.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have been purchasing cards, t-shirts and bumper stickers and continue to spread our message. You all made this campaign the success that is has been and we can only continue to reach higher and higher, raising the bar on our creative ideas and commitment to each other and to the planet.

Operation Gas Pump has had a stupendous first year run. We hope that everyone will continue their outreach efforts using their imagination in the spirit of love and education. Even the tiniest possible step is progress.

Pam and I will be back same time next year for another fun and fabulous Summer Awareness Campaign.

Till then; get your GAS PUMP ON!!!

Operation GAS PUMP – Thank You for Your Participation!!!