Psywar – Full Documentary

September 8, 2016

By Suzanne Maher


Excellent 1:40 documentary on the evolution and mind manipulation of public perception and opinion through propaganda.

The elites manage public perception with public relations techniques, press releases,  and staged photo ops with efficiency and planning.  Promotion of war games, religious dogma,  and corrupt industry practices are all a carefully constructed mind set and ideology using information as an instrument of war and salesmanship.

The idea that citizens are to be “passive observers” and interested spectators of action, but no more.  To ensure the public is kept distracted with a mass campaign of; happiness = consumption. Giving people only “just a little bit”.

The documentary also discusses the tactics of Edward Bernays who was called the “Father of Modern Public Relations” who would take propaganda techniques and apply them to commercial issues.  For example, smoking was portrayed as a positive thing to do for women; women who smoked were said to be liberal, strong minded and independent.

This is the manipulation of public opinion and “engineering consent”.







Psywar – Full Documentary